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Your Home’s Biggest Enemy: Water

You heard me. Water is the number one threat to your home. It’s not a tornado. It’s not an earthquake (although, “The Big One” looms in the minds of every Memphis homeowner). It’s water. Drip by drip, plumbing and roof leaks lead to deterioration. Water will allow for the growth of mold and the erosion of soil, on which your home’s foundation depends. Even scarier, sometimes water issues don’t surface until the damage is severe. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from water issues and any resulting damage.

  1. Make sure water flows away from your home’s foundation. You should have no standing water around the perimeter of your home. Regrade the area if necessary and install native plants that will thrive in wet spaces.
  2. Do not let trees touch the exterior of your home. Tree limbs that rub at your roof line will destroy roof shingles and let water in from above. Shrubs and bushes that are too close to the home can allow water to seep into your window sills.
  3. Be sure to paint your exterior wooden trim every 3 years or so. Painted wood will begin to peel and it won’t take long for the wood to rot through.
  4. Check your basements and crawl-spaces after a heavy rain. Make sure that you have no water intrusion or standing water. Even basic humidity below a house can allow for mold growth. So, be sure your basement or crawlspace is vented well. Have a moisture barrier installed if necessary.
  5. If your water heater is in the attic, take a peek at the drain pan every so often. Make sure condensation isn’t building up. Get plumbing problems addressed before they become disastrous.
  6. Insulate pipes and exterior water spigots during cold weather. Be sure to let your faucets drip with the cabinet base open when temperatures are below freezing. Plumbers are BUSY during cold weather events. You don’t want to be left waiting.

It’s always a good idea to have a water key on-hand, in case you do have a big plumbing issue. Most water intrusion issues can be handled through basic home maintenance though. Do you have a question about your current home or do you need a contractor referral? Reach out, we are here to support our homeowners for the life of their investment.