Green Bee Real Estate

We value community over commissions, environmentalism as a given, and real estate as a tool for building wealth.


Green Bee Real Estate is an innovative brokerage model, specializing in residential real estate in Memphis and the surrounding areas. It was launched in 2018 as a response to the traditional brokerage model that churns out inexperienced real estate agents charged with chasing commissions. At Green Bee, we are here to be of service to the community--and that includes you. Empowered with data-driven practices, we’ll guide you through some of your largest financial transactions.



We will be of service and will provide you with an experienced real estate agent. We’ll be intentional about supporting locally-owned businesses.



We’ll always be transparent in our giving, and we won’t share or sell your information.



We will have the heart of a teacher throughout your real estate transaction, while encouraging feedback and participation.

"Think of giving not only as a duty but as a privilege." -John Rockefeller

Company Culture

Our commitment to the community brings us a sense of purpose, which fuels our passion to serve. We believe that smart, healthy and efficient homes are the future. We believe that environmental stewardship, when done right, can address many challenges we face in Memphis: high energy burdens, food deserts, and poverty. It's no surprise to us that the real estate landscape is intrinsically tied to these issues. Green Bee Real Estate and the agents who choose to work here are committed to donating a portion of each sale back into the community. Join us in a movement to make Memphis a more equitable and prosperous city.

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